Salmosan® Vet

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Salmosan® Vet represents a significant investment from Benchmark animal health ltd. in Sealice Control. With a full license granted by the Norwegian Medicines Agency, Salmosan® Vet is available with veterinary prescription from your wholesaler for use in Norway.


Salmosan has a sustained 18 year track record for the successful treatment of sealice. Currently available in the UK, Norway, Faroe Islands, Canada, and Chile (Purisan®. The product is used throughout the global salmon industry for the control of pre-adult to adult stages of sea lice.

New Salmosan® Vet Formulation

Our new formulation allows:

  • Greater practicality at higher temperatures leading to greater efficacy
    • Intensive safety trial work has demonstrated that Salmosan® Vet can be used for a full 1-hour treatment at temperatures up to 15C
    • Salmon can be treated with confidence and without veterinary deviation from the data sheet.
    • More effective treatment lessens the chance of resistence occurring.
  • Increased Shelf Life
    • Shelf life has been increased to 24 months, demonstrating increased product stability
  • Improved ingredient base leading to increased acceptance of the product to a number of regulatory authorities, while not changing potency against sealice

Trusted Suppliers

Salmosan® Vet is manufactured to EU GMP standards by an established, publically listed UK company (AIM) with a history of reliable product supply and distribution.

Technical Service Team

Salmosan® Vet is supported by the world’s leading aquaculture veterinary service team. Our team of professionals offer extensive knowledge of sealice control and salmonid aquaculture in general. Our support services include bioassays, training, administration advice and global pharmacovigilance.


Benchmark Animal Health carries out a global safety surveillance and support service which allows producers to have confidence in the safe use and ongoing monitoring of the impact of our products. If you have any observations in animals, whether or not considered to be product related that are unfavourable and unintended please report these promptly to the Pharmacovigilance team either by calling the below number(s) or via the dedicated email inbox, and the team will be pleased to help you. Please also report any such occurrences involving people handling the product, the environment or consumers. Any other product related concerns or complaints can also be communicated using the below contact details. We appreciate your help in continuing to keep the use of our products safe.
UK telephone number: 0845 0093342
International telephone number: +44 1223 849729

Investors in Aquaculture

By supporting the use of our products you are supporting our investment in animal health research and development. As part of Benchmark Animal Health we currently have over 40 products in various stages of research and development, designed to have direct health benefits for the fish in your care.

The bigger picture

Benchmark Animal Health is one of the founding companies of Benchmark Holdings PLC, a market leader in the supply of applied biotechnology, sustainability science and knowledge transfer to animal health, aquaculture & agriculture and the food supply chain.

By supporting Salmosan® Vet, you are supporting cutting edge research and development in these areas which will help safeguard the future of sustainable food supply.

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